Launched in 2017, the overarching vision of the Center for Global Health and Quality at Georgetown University (GHQ) is to support and empower key actors in countries to drive, build, and own sustainable systems.  Our mission is to transform the financing and delivery of health care in low-resource settings by combining evidence-based strategies with world-class data, business, and management practices.  GHQ works with partners to respond to today’s health challenges and bring quality services to scale while maximizing resources and achieve the greatest possible impact.  Particular focus is to support countries to achieve the end of devastating epidemics including HIV and also to build effective, resilient, and sustainable systems to respond rapidly to emerging threats. 

GHQ is a multi-disciplinary enterprise that leverages the leading minds in global health, healthcare, big data, service delivery, economics, program design, private sector, international relations, law, and management (data and business) with a proven track record of leading, reforming, and implementing initiatives in complex settings.  We seek to posit as-yet unexplored policy and management strategies to respond to global health challenges - including the use of quality-related strategies to complement existing health programs.